Photographer is full of challenges and adventure and the most exciting part, at least for me, is meeting new people and encountering new challenges. I’m still new to this business and I’m just starting to get paying clients, and it’s great to be paid to do what you love.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned in my journey so far:

Learning and Mindset

For beginners like us, making mistakes is normal. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, every great photographer got to where they are by learning from past failures. A lot of photographers share their own experiences online through blogs, photography magazines, and forums. Start reading these resources, or better yet, participate in the conversation and share your own lessons.

The Camera

The most important tool in photography is the camera. Working with your camera is not so simple; it’s not as simple as holding a camera and pushing a button. Every camera has their own features; no matter what camera you use a SLR or DSLR. It is very important to read the instruction manual and get familiar with its features and the proper settings.

Camera lens is the most essential part of the camera. There are different types of camera lenses and operates the same basic function: To capture the reflective light from the subject then, focus it on the image sensor to produce a specific photographic effect. The only difference is that the way they transmit the light. Selecting camera lenses will require knowledge of different types of camera lenses, which lenses work best in given situations.


The basic and important part of photography is exposure. Exposure is the amount of light you let into the camera during the process of taking a photo. Too much light and your photos will be washed out, too little light; your photo will become too dark. A poorly exposed can be corrected using image software. Having a knowledge how exposure works and learn what shutter speed, aperture and ISO and the other effects can help you produce creative results. So get familiar with them.


There are many areas in photography that you can specialize in. Here are some websites and blogs that specialize in one field or another:

Event Photography
Aerial Photography
Nature Photography

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